About My Business

C Suite Level Treasury Professional/Writer/Business Consultant/Public Speaker

Career in Finance

 I have held various leadership roles and responsibilities within Treasury (Corporate & Operation), Trade Finance & Transactional Finance. That expertise has been developed across various industries including banking/retail/telecommunication/renewable energy/travel & tourism.

My passion though remains Treasury, Trade & Transactional Finance.

Passion for People
- I am a Business Consultant and owner of Global Bridge Consulting; a private business advisory service provider working with small & medium sized businesses interested in building capacity and developing people.

 In addition my passion for people means I volunteer with four charities namely: Trustee for Citizens Advice Redbridge; Motivational Speaker for Working Options in Education; Business Trainer for Consonant and Mentor of young people for Migrant Leaders.


I enjoy writing whether that is sharing my views through articles that address contemporary socio-economic and political issues of the day, penning a short motivational quotation or developing fictional storyline for adult and children audiences. 

Adesola How Can You Help Me?

- I provide practical advice and tailor-made solutions to take your business to the next level.
- I am always enthusiastic, committed, and staunchly client-focused. I pride myself on delivering strategies that drive results, enabling you and your organization to excel.

- I am a story teller and put my life and career journey experience at your disposal.

It’s All About Value Add

I am a storyteller. I have worked for some of the best organizations in the world and in that journey, learned a lot about myself, about people, and about organizations.

When you engage with me whether as an individual or an organization you are asking me to use all that knowledge and experience to add value to your organisation. I am happy to do that.

That to me is "Value Add'

Why Choose Me?

24/7 availability
Free consultation
By appointment only
Debit & Credit cards accepted
20+ years of experience
Spoken languages:
English, Yoruba


It was a pleasure working with Adesola. He has exceptional leadership skils and demonstrated this in the way he coached and motivated members of his team. Adesola constantly demonstrated a solid …

Nanssi Akl

Adesola was an encouraging and proactive Manager who displayed strong leadership and managerial skills whilst supporting Accounts Receivable. He supported the team to drastically reduce our aged …

Janki Patel

I had the pleasure of working with Adesola at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He is a committed and inspirational leader with an excellent understanding of Trade Finance and Operational Management. I …

Roberto Gonzáles

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