About My Business

C Suite Level Treasury Professional/Writer/Business Consultant/Public Speaker

Career in Finance

 I have held various leadership roles and responsibilities within Treasury (Corporate & Operation), Trade Finance & Transactional Finance. That expertise has been developed across various industries including banking/retail/telecommunication/renewable energy/travel & tourism.

My passion though remains Treasury, Trade & Transactional Finance.

Passion for People
- I am a Business Consultant and owner of Global Bridge Consulting; a private business advisory service provider working with small & medium sized businesses interested in building capacity and developing people.

 In addition my passion for people means I volunteer with four charities namely: Trustee for Citizens Advice Redbridge; Motivational Speaker for Working Options in Education; Business Trainer for Consonant and Mentor of young people for Migrant Leaders.


I enjoy writing whether that is sharing my views through articles that address contemporary socio-economic and political issues of the day, penning a short motivational quotation or developing fictional storyline for adult and children audiences. 

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