Corporate, Public, Motivational & Keynote Speaker

Corporate, Public, Motivational & Keynote Speaker

Adesola Orimalade is an experienced finance professional, a writer, columnist, business advisor and speaker on leadership, finance and people development.

Contact Adesola on how he can add value to your event and make it more successful using his career and interesting life journey to deliver an engaging, interactive and inspirational speech.

Take time to browse the homepage here to see other events where Adesola has shared his knowledge and experience and the feedback from the various attendees including:

- The Nottingham University Business School 2020

- Consonant (formerly Migrant Resource Centre) 2019 - 

- PayExpo Conference, London 2016

- Working Options in Education (various 6th form colleges within the U.K.) 2016- 

- African Remittance Conference London 2020

- Divas of Color Conference 2020

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